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How to Clean Your Deadbolt Lock

07/09/2015 Back To Blog

The doors are the first line of defense against anything that enters your property. However, its security system rests on the efficiency of door locks. Once the locks break down, it will affect your sense of protection.Just like anything with moving parts, they can deteriorate over time. If the deadbolt lock gets stuck or is hard to open, key replacement becomes necessary as it has become worn and can no longer manipulate the pins and tumblers. However, a deadbolt lock may also become hard to open when a significant amount of dust, grime or dirt has accumulated. When this occurs,remove the deadbolt lock and clean it. Cleaning is very easy and can be done in about 30 minutes. The following is a guide on how to properly clean a deadbolt lock.How to Clean Your Deadbolt Lock

Removing and Blowing

Use a screwdriver to remove the 2 set screws of your deadbolt lock. Once done, remove the inner and outer cylinders of the lock to expose the deadbolt lock.The purpose for this is to remove both the dirt and the bolt.Blow any dirt and dust that has accumulated inthe inner and outer cylinders. When using canned air, make sure not to hold the straw because later on, it releases moisture that may build up on the lock.After you've blown all the dust, use an old toothbrush and scrub away the remaining grimes.Your toothbrush should be dry, and do not use water when trying to clean the deadbolt lock.

Additional Tip:Add Lubricant

Use silicone or graphite based lubricant to lubricate the keyhole. When applying the lubricant, never saturate the moving parts of the deadbolt,because adding enough lubricant is already sufficient to ensure they will turn and move smoothly.

Reinstall the Deadbolt Lock

Reinsert both the bolt assembly, and the deadbolt lock’s bolt in the door. Then carefully align both the inner and outer cylinders on both sides of the door. Make sure that cylinders match with the slots and gears of the lock assembly, and then secure them with screws.

By considering a deadbolt installation, you are taking an important step towards increasing your home’s level of security. If deadbolt locks require comprehensive maintenance, do not hesitate to seek services from us. Our Professional Local Locksmith provides a wide selection of Locksmith Services that come with integrity and excellence. When you call, each and every service is examined in accordance with your locksmith requirements before they are recommended.

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