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Are you certain that you know how to make the right decisions regarding the security of your assets? If you are not, then you will certainly find the tips on this dedicated locksmith page to be highly valuable. They will help you take the right action in different kinds of situations related to door locks.

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Avoid installing locks yourself

Lock installation is harder than you think. You might have to drill new holes or even enlarge the existing one on the door. Depending on the door's material and your skills, the door might get damaged. Also consider that each lock type has different features and must be installed in a different way. If you fail to install it right, you run the risk of security gaps and you might also need to spend more money on a new lock.

Keep spare keys only with trusted friends or relatives

It’s tempting to leave a spare key in the mail box, under the door mat or in a fake rock, but burglars know these and practically all other hiding spots which you can think of. They can easily find the key and get in without having to break or pick the lock. That is why your best bet is to leave a spare key in the home of a person who you know well and is trustworthy.

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